Legal Expertise You Can Rely On

Legal Expertise You Can Rely On

Legal Expertise You Can Rely On Legal Expertise You Can Rely On Legal Expertise You Can Rely On

About Us

Law You Can Understand

We know that legal action can be overwhelming and leave you feeling apprehensive and confused. We can set your mind at ease and explain the process in language that is easy to understand.

A Focus on Results

In order to be successful we need to craft a legal strategy that fits your specific circumstances. Through our understanding of the law and your understanding of the circumstances we will develop a plan to ensure that your case is brought to its most advantageous conclusion.

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Don't procrastinate. Contact us today and let us help you find the best possible solution for your legal problems. Legal processes  and procedures are time sensitive in most instances. It is therefore important to attend to any legal matters you may encounter as soon as possible. Acting  in a timely manner would optimise our ability to obtain the best possible results on your behalf.

Legal Disclaimer

No legal advise is given through this site.  No attorney and client relationship exists unless & until expressly agreed to by all parties.  Due to the  nature and uncertainties implicit in any legal proceedings nothing on this website should be construed as an unconditional guarantee of a desired outcome.  

Any services offered or correspondence received re our services are not intended to infringe upon any existing correspondent relationship(s) and neither is it intended as unsolicited correspondence or spam. 

The use of Hannelie Swart Attorneys and / or  its address as your correspondent attorneys / address without explicit permission or any arrangements will be reported to the Legal Practice Council and a case opened with SAPS.

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